Experience the combination of our creativity and across generations longterm expertise.


In your house and round about…

… Every homeowner wants to have a well maintained and impressive look about their house.

In the first instance this should reflect your own taste and style and also fit into the neighbourhood.

A nice, attractive facade creates a good impression and already gets your house guests looking forward to the inside.
Are all the rooms similar to each other or does each one have its own individual taste? Which materials have been used?

Chipwood, plaster, structured wallpaper, smooth foundation with varnish in matt or shiny, etc. etc.

There are many different ways to individualize your home with both colour and materials.

We cover all the work in and around the house facades. Window renovations, doors, redesign of balcony railings are all part of the deal. Is your land fenced off? Then leave it up to us to renovate any kind of ironwork (moss removal, derosting, grinding, priming and finish)

Wooden fences of any type should be checked regularly and made weather proof. Is the garage door in need of a new look? We can offer our advice.

Make use of our longstanding professional business for painting and decorating services for both outside and in.